Cross Country 7th & 11th at VSU Border Clash

Cross Country 7th & 11th at VSU Border Clash

VALDOSTA, Ga. -- The Georgia Southwestern women's cross country team finished 7th place while the men's cross country team finished in 11th place during the VSU Border Clash hosted by Valdosta State. 

Quincy Mayer led the way for the women's cross country team, finishing in 35th place with a time of 22:39.6 followed by Catherine Hall, who finished 36th place with a time of 22:45.2. out of 82 runners competing.  

Nick Moody led the men's cross country team with a time of 29:19.4 for a 62nd place finish followed by Peyton Sells, who finished 77th place with a time of 33:11.5 out of 91 runners. The team finished with at total score of 303 during their first inaugural race of the season. 

Tampa took home the win on both the men's and women's side, finishing with a time of 2:03.42 and 1:37:11, respectively. Trevor Kattenberg (23:43.7) and Aspen Gordon (18:43.4) of Tampa both finished in first place. 

Up Next: The men's and women's team will compete in the Willie Laster Meet hosted by Albany State on Saturday, September 28. 


7. 211 GSW WCC ( 23:47 1:58:59)
35. Quincy Mayer 22:39.6
36. Catherine Hall 22:45.2
43. Sarah Earley 23:49.3
48. Madaline Toth 24:48.2
49. Connie Lewis 25:02.2
53. Alex Exum 26:11.8
60. Grace Regan 30:31.0


11. 303 GSW MCC (36:17 3:01.26)
62. Nick Moody 29:19.4
77. Peyton Sells 33:11.5
83. Gavin Shook 35:50.5
86. Kole Clark 39:21.5
87. Brinson Hubbard 43:43.4
89. Casen Findley 46:01.8
90. James Arnold 47:46.2