Women's Soccer Gets Tactical For Upcoming Season

Women's Soccer Gets Tactical For Upcoming Season

AMERICUS, Ga. -- In the preseason, the Georgia Southwestern women's soccer team picked up new gadgets to play with in which would help enhance both their practice and game play while on the field. The Titan Sensor composes of real time data that uses GPS to track each player while they are active on the field through a small device that's placed inside a pocket on the back of a compression crop top that the players wear under their jersey. 

While on, the device transmits real-time athlete performance data that head coach Enrique Rodriguez can view on the Titan app.

"I feel that by using Titan, we are jumping barriers," Rodriguez stated. "It's helping us utilize facts to be more engaging with our players."

Through the app, the players are able to input certain things such as fatigue and muscle soreness along with scales ranging from sleep duration, sleep quality, stress and mood. Coach Rodriguez uses that information to measure and analyze how each player is doing throughout the week. The data collected helps with planning practices and time on the field for certain players. 

"It (Titan) really helps you understand and process that every player is different," Rodriguez said. "It helps me make a decision on who fits better in different roles." 

Using Titan, it helps put GPS data in context with built-in synchronization and HiDef videos. You can breakdown and show athletes how specific situations are affecting their performance and make the most of film studies by viewing it side-by-side with the collected data. 

"The main thing is that it helps change the evaluation of players from a subjective standpoint to a more objective standpoint using the data," Rodriguez ended with.  

The Lady Hurricanes are planning to continue using Titan throughout the whole season as they see many benefits stemming from the data that's collected.