Hurricanes Unable to Catch Sailfish

Hurricanes Unable to Catch Sailfish

AMERICUS – Georgia Southwestern softball team (14-10) faced off against Palm Beach Atlantic (19-5) on Wednesday afternoon in a doubleheader. Two homeruns and three triples were not enough to secure the win for the Lady 'Canes.



Palm Beach Atlantic started things off strong with a double, by Victoria Gonzalez, down to center field, bringing in two Sailfish runs. The Sailfish were off to an early lead.

The first batter for GSW, Mason Moreland, hit a strong triple up the middle of the field to lead things off. Haley Knight was able to hit a ball to bring Moreland home. The inning ended for the Lady 'Canes one run, one hit, no one left on base.

The Sailfish came back in the next inning with one girl on base, Mackenzie Johnson hit a homerun to left field. This added two to the run count for Palm Beach Atlantic.

In the following inning Kiley Doster was able to single into right field to bring in Jordan Miller. The inning ended one run, two hits, and one left on base.

During the fifth inning, the bases were loaded as Sailfish Thersea Butler was up to bat. Butler was walked forcing a run in. The next out came with the next batter without any more points scored with a play from Moreland to Clifton.

In the bottom of the fifth, Knight reached base after hitting a triple into right center. Nellie Moore was next up and advanced after being hit by a pitch. On a wild pitch to Keri Tompkins, Hayley Knight made it home safely. The inning ended with one run, on hit, and one left on base.

Clifton was the first batter coming into the bottom of the seventh inning. The Lady 'Canes were down by two as Clifton hit a homerun into center field territory. This is Clifton's second homerun of the season.

Unable to get any more runs, the Hurricanes fell to the Sailfish by one run.

Starting pitcher for GSW Ashley Cavender (7-5) took the loss, after pitching four innings and facing 18 batters. Cavender allowed six hits and four runs and was able to strike out four; while only giving up one homerun. Allison Pastor finished the game for the Lady 'Canes pitching three innings and allowing two hits and one run.

Sailfish's Amber Johnson (10-3) took the win, after pitching 6.2 innings, allowing seven hits and four runs and giving up one homerun. Kayti Lundin took the save, her second, after facing the last batter for GSW.


Near the end of the first inning, in an attempt to catch a runner stealing second, Moore committed a throwing error to allow Chelsie Hersey to score. This inning finished with one run, no hits, one error and one left on base.

Moreland leading off GSW was walked then made it to third base after stealing second then advancing on a passed ball. Moore was successful in bringing her home with a single up the middle. The inning finished with one run and one hit.

In the third inning, on an error by the short stop, Sailfish Jen Hunter was able to make an unearned trip home. The inning finished with one run, one hit, one error by GSW and three Sailfish left on base.

The following inning Moreland hit a sacrifice fly out to right field to bring Lauren Thrasher in to score.

The Sailfish were able to bring in three runs  in the fourth inning. Two came from a double by Lindsey Johnson. The third came from an error and was credited as unearned.

Keri Tompkins came up in the fourth and hit a homerun into the left field where it bounced off the score board.

In the next inning, the Sailfish brought in two more runners from a double to left field. The inning finished with two runs, three hits, no errors, and one left on base.

Knight had another successful sacrifice, as she was taken out by a play from the pitcher to first baseman. Mason Moreland was able to finish her trip around the bases, that started with another triple.

Palm Beach Atlantic was able to bring in two more runners during the seventh inning. As Mackenzie Johnson hit a double to left center, Bulter and Hersey were able to score.

The Hurricanes were unable to bring in any more runs, to finish the game Sailfish 9 Lady 'Canes 4. Palm Beach Atlantic left eleven runners stranded during the second game and GSW left five on base. PBA only had one fielding error compared to GSW's three.

Allison Pastor (6-5) took the loss for GSW after pitching four innings and allowing five hits and runs. Pastor walked six and struck out two. Cavender finished the game for the Lady 'Canes with three innings pitched. Cavender allowed eight hits and four runs.

Sailfish Lundin (5-1) took the win after pitching all seven innings. Lundin allowed eight hits, four runs, one homerun, and was able to strike out two.


The weather was giving the Hurricanes trouble as they were not ideal conditions during the games. Particularly, during the first portion of game two a steady drizzle was coming down. By the end of the game the weather cleared up to nice conditions.