21 is a Lucky Number for Hurricane Fans

21 is a Lucky Number for Hurricane Fans

Century 21 Americus Realty presents the "Stage of the Game" contest at all home soccer, basketball, baseball and softball events throughout the 2012-13 academic year.

Here's a quick look at how the contest works for each particular sport:

*SOCCER -- Minute 21*
GSW has to score with 21 minutes on the scoreboard (21:59-21:00) during either half. If accomplished, one lucky fan will win $50 worth of gift cards from local businesses. If GSW is unable to punch in a score during those minutes throughout the season, a $50 prize with be awarded to one fan at the home finale on October 27.

*BASKETBALL -- 21 GSW Points*
At some point in the game, GSW has to have exactly 21 points on the scoreboard. How about 20, 22 or 23? No good. If the 'Canes post 21, we'll give the selected contestant $10 worth of gift cards from local businesses. If there is no winner that game, the prize rolls over and is added to the pot for the next home contest (men's or women's, whoever is home next). Once accomplished, we start a fresh $10 prize and roll it over again - if necessary - from there.

*BASEBALL & SOFTBALL -- 21st Batter*
When the 21st batter of the game comes to the plate, that's the "Stage of the Game" for baseball and softball. If the 21st batter is from the opposing team, we need an out for a winner. If the 21st batter is from GSW, we need him/her to reach base safely (walk or hit). We start with a prize of a $5 gift card and roll it over to the next game - if necessary - from there.

The contestant for each game will be randomly selected from attendees who have scanned the Hurricane Happenings QR code at the entrance of the respective facility on that particular day.

  • Soccer winners will be picked after the goal is scored.

  • Contestants for basketball games will be chosen prior to tipoff.

  • Contestants for baseball and softball games will be picked at the end of the first inning or when the 20th batter is at the plate, whichever comes first.


So what is this Hurricane Happenings program all about? Click here to learn more.


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