For their work as STUDENTS and athletes...

For their work as STUDENTS and athletes...

AMERICUS - The Georgia Southwestern Department of Athletics joined many other colleges and universities around the nation Wednesday in celebrating the 24th annual "National STUDENT-Athlete Day."

National STUDENT-Athlete Day honors student-athletes and the network of parents, coaches, teachers and school systems that make it possible for young people to strike a balance between academic and athletic achievement. The day, established by the National Consortium for Academics & Sports and Northeastern University's Center for the Study of Sport in Society, is co-sponsored by the NCAA and the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). 

"Our student-athletes put forth a tremendous effort not only in competition, but also in the classroom," said GSW Director of Athletics Jaclyn Donovan. "The ability to balance sports and academics will prepare them for the future and will contribute significantly to their growth as individuals."

As part of National STUDENT-Athlete Day, GSW honored 69 student-athletes who have maintained a 3.0 GPA or better while being involved in campus and community outreach and service. Each student-athlete received a certificate marking the date.

2011 Recipients

Adams, Leigh

Allen, Jared

Allison, Courtney

Anderson, Andrew

Andre, Ian

Andre, Tom

Anglin, Brooke

Atkins, Rebecca

Barnard, Kacey

Bartz, Ryan

Bivins, Jessica

Blackburn, Colby

Buck, Gabby

Canganelli, Allyson

Canganelli, Amanda

Cangelosi, Thomas

Craig, Holly

Cromer, Les

Daniel, Tyler

Donnet, Ignacio

Douberly, Kalie

Duran, John

Eastwood, Christopher

Elkins, Sylvia

Gaylor, Stephen

Gordon, John Wilson

Griffin, Nichole

Gunnett, Tyler

Hall, Chris

Haygood, Erik

Hill, Brittney

Hodge, Heather

Huet, Kevin

Jones, Cade

Knight, Hayley

Lea, Ada

Lock, Heath

Maddox, Katherine

McGowan, Mollie

McVaney, Jon

Mendell, Matt

Milstid, Tiffany

Moore, Stephen

Moreland, Mason

Morgan, Michael

Moseley, Reese

Muellar, Katie

Nobles, Kyle

Pennington, Charles

Pineda, Jonneshia

Pinones, Victor

Plasse, Morgan

Preston, Gracie

Reyes, Yimi

Rigdon, Jessica

Romaniw, James

Sellars, Jody

Simpson, Courtney

Smith, Cayla

Sneed, Michael

Starvetsky, Jennifer

Taylor, Jarrod

Vansant, Matthew

Vick, Erin

Vick, Ethan

Ward, Meghan

Wells, Julia

Worley, Patricia

York, Katie