:: Prospective Student-Athlete 

Important Terms & Definitions

  • Prospective Student-Athlete: any student who has started classes for the 9th grade.
  • Recruiting: any solicitation of a prospect or a prospects relatives (or legal guardians) by an institutional staff member or athletics booster for the purpose of securing the prospect's enrollment and ultimate participation in the institution's intercollegiate athletics program.
  • Official Visit: a visit to a college campus paid in whole or in part by the college. Official visits can be no longer than 48 hours. A prospective student-athlete is limited to 5 official visits (one per university).
  • Unofficial Visit: a visit made to a college campus at the prospect's expense. The college may provide free tickets to an on-campus athletic event in which the college team competes. There is no limit on the number of unofficial visits a prospect can make.
  • Recruiting contact: any face-to-face, off-campus encounter between a prospect, prospect's parents (or legal guardian) or relative and a college staff employee or athletics representative; if the conversation goes beyond a greeting.
  • Recruiting Evaluation: any off-campus activity designed to assess a prospect's academic qualifications or athletic ability. (reviewing transcripts on the high school campus or watching practices/games).
  • NCAA Guide to the College Bound Student-Athlete will provide you and your parents valuable information that will help you during your recruiting process.
  • Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse will allow you to start registering to be certified for NCAA institution's athletics. Begin registering in the clearinghouse at the beginning of your junior year in high school.
  • Amateurism Questionnaire: every prospective student-athlete must clear the amateurism rules set by the NCAA.
  • Pospective Student Athlete Information & Preliminary Certification Form