Hurricane Birthday Party packages presented by the Roman Oven Pizzeria

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Select your date from the options below, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and complete the short info form.
Day of Week Date Game Time Opponent Reserve Our Party
Sat. 12-7-13 1:30 PM W. Georgia College
Sat. 12-7-13 3:30 PM M. Georgia College
Thur. 12-19-13 7:30 PM M. Fort Valley State
Sat. 1-11-14 1:30 PM W. UNC Pembroke
Sat. 1-11-14 3:30 PM M. UNC Pembroke
Sun. 1-12-14 1:30 PM W. Francis Marion Univ.
Sun. 1-12-14 3:30 PM M. Francis Marion Univ.
Sat. 1-18-14 1:30 PM W. Flagler College
Sat. 1-18-14 3:30 PM M. Flagler College
Mon. 1-20-14 5:30 PM W. Armstrong
Mon. 1-20-14 7:30 PM M. Armstrong
Thur. 1-23-14 5:30 PM W. North Georgia
Thur. 1-23-14 7:30 PM M. North Georgia
Sat. 1-25-14 3:30 PM W. Columbus State
Sat. 1-25-14 5:30 PM M. Columbus State
Sat. 2-1-14 1:30 PM W. Young Harris College
Sat. 2-1-14 3:30 PM M. Young Harris College
Wed. 2-12-14 5:30 PM W. Univ. of Montevallo
Wed. 2-12-14 7:30 PM M. Univ. of Montevallo
Sat. 2-22-14 1:30 PM W. Clayton State
Sat. 2-22-14 3:30 PM M. Clayton State

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A member of the athletics department will contact you about remaining party details and payment options.

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