$10 membership fee

**Add $2 for XXXL t-shirts**


Information will be posted on this page concerning just about anything related to the Eye Wall, including photos, important dates to remember and loyalty reward standings.

Q: How does the loyalty program work?

A: A point will be credited to each member who attends a GSW home sporting event throughout the school year (some special dates, i.e. homecoming and tailgate parties will receive additional points). Members will be able to check their point status at gswcanes.com/eyewall. At the end of each semester, we'll present the member with the most points a gift card for $50. Once membership reaches 40 students an additional $10 gift card will be presented to second place. From there a $10 card will be added for each additional 10 members (50 members/3rd place, 60 members/4th place, etc.). So, more members = more prizes.   

Q: How do I check in for my point?

A: Members will check in through Twitter (a Twitter account - which is free - will be required). All you have to do is "mention" us in a tweet from the field/arena by including @GSWAthletics in your post and attach a photo of the game/match. The attached photo is important because it'll prove that you were at the event! :)  












 Sign up locations

  1. GSW sports information office in the Student Success Center, #2311 (Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm)
  2. Email (send us your name and t-shirt size)
  3. Facebook (send us a message that includes your name and t-shirt size) 
  4. Call 931-2217 to make other arrangements