:: Student-Athlete Study Hall

All freshmen and new transfer student-athletes are required to attend 6 hours of study hall per week during their first academic year at Georgia Southwestern State University. All other student-athletes with a GPA below a 2.5 are required to attend 6 hours of study hall, while those below a 2.0 are required to attend 8 hours per week. If a student-athlete earns a cumulative GPA above a 2.5 they are no longer required to attend study hall, unless dropping below a cumulative GPA of a 2.5 at a later date. Each head coach can increase the requirements for study hall at his/her discretion.

All study hall hours will be logged in the Academic Resource Center (ARC), located in Collum Hall on the First Floor.  ARC hours are from 9:00 AM until 7:00 PM Monday-Thursday and 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM on Friday.  Student-athletes can earn study hall hours at any time the ARC is open.

Student-athletes will recorded their study hall hours in the sign-in book located the ARC, as well keep as personal log sheets which will be submitted to the Head Coach at the end of each week.  A study hall "week" will start on Tuesday and end on Monday. 

Download a weekly log sheet

Penalties for Missed Study Hall Hours

To ensure our student-athlete's attendance at the required number of hours each week, the following penalties will be in place for missed study hall hours.

1. First Offense - The penalty will be at the discretion of the coach with a rollover system in place. The hours missed for the previous week must be achieved the subsequent week. For example, if a student-athlete is required to have 6 study hall hours for the week and only earns 5, the student-athlete must obtain 7 the following week or a second offense will occur.

2. Second Offense - Be withheld from one practice (+2 hours of study hall)

3. Third Offense - Be withheld from two practices (+4 hours of study hall)

4. Fourth Offense - Total disregard for study hall policies and procedures. Student-athlete will be withheld from one competition. If competition is not an option, the student-athlete will be withheld from five (5) practice days.

In the case of extreme and extenuating circumstances that prevent a student-athlete from completing their required hours, the student-athlete must meet with the Compliance Coordinator or Assistant AD. If it can be determined that the circumstances are extreme and extenuating, an exception to the penalty will be granted.

NOTE: Poor planning and negligence on the part of a student-athlete will not constitute extreme or extenuating circumstances.

Study Hall Policies

While in study hall, all student-athletes must abide by the following policies. If a student-athlete fails to follow these policies, the student-athlete will be asked to leave study hall and lose any hours earned during that particular study hall session.

1. Sign in when you enter the ARC. Sign out when you leave. Failure to do so will prevent you from receiving credit for any hours earned.

2. DO NOT sign in or out for anyone but yourself. Be prepared to show your student I.D.

3. No food or drink in computer labs.

4. Keep talking to a low level. Study hall time is not for socializing.

5. Be courteous to other students.

6. No cell phones at any time. Cell phones should be turned off or left in your room.

7. Students must use study hall time to complete academic coursework. Study hall hours may not be earned while internet surfing, doodling, listening to your IPOD, etc. If you think you do not have academic work to do, read your textbook, reread your textbook, start your next assignment, etc.

8. Computer Lab: No internet surfing. The internet must be used for academic purposes. This means NO email and NO personal/social pages such as Facebook or MySpace. The study hall coordinator or any other Athletics Department personnel may question the purpose of a student-athlete's use of the internet at any time and the student-athlete must provide an adequate explanation.

9. Computer Lab: No instant messenger of any kind (i.e. AOL, Yahoo, MSN, etc). This includes having an instant messenger program open and/or active regardless of any conversation.

10. Computer Lab: Do not print any document without permission from the lab assistant. Do not print emails at any time.

11. Computer Lab: Do not add or change desktop background or icons.

12. Computer Lab: Do not save any files to the computer.

13. Computer Lab: Do not run, download, or install personal applications.


15. ARC supervisors have the authority to enforce these policies as they see fit. If you cannot adhere to the rules, you will be asked to leave and any hours completed during that time will be lost. If you are asked to leave the ARC, an Incident Report - bearing your name and details of the infraction - will be submitted to the Head Coach as well as the Compliance Coordinator.